Please note that the buyer must get their loan to purchase the home through NFC to be eligible for receiving the lump sum of up to $10,000 in forgivable funds.  The  maximum NFC 1st mortgage is $180,000 (up to 80% LTV).  The maximum NFC 2nd mortgage, accompanying the 1st mortgage, is $45,000 (up to 15% LTV).  NFC's maximum borrowed amount, not including the forgivable loan, is $225,000. 

If mortgage is obtained from another lender the following applies:

 *The customer must wait 12 months before applying for a home improvement
* Home improvement loans provide forgivable funds; however, it is a percentage of the project, either 25%, 33% or 50%.

The NFC Advantage for Buyers:

  • As home buyers search for value in today’s real estate market, what better way to stretch the buyer’s dollar than with a $10,000 forgivable loan for repairs and improvements, plus up to an additional $2,500 for down payment and closing costs? (Please note, there are several factors to be considered in determining the possibility of received the closing cost subsidy and if so, the amount of it.  Therefore, the full application and supporting documentation must be reviewed at NFC for that determination to be made.) 
  • And because NFC offers loans for qualified borrowers with little money down and no PMI, recommending NFC to your clients may be just the incentive they need to purchase a home!
  • NFC now accepts Master Card, Visa and Discover for the application fee

The NFC Advantage for Sellers:

  • Rather than having your seller pay for repairs or improvements before they list their property with you, suggest listing it as an NFC eligible property.
  • Let the NFC dollars fix the home up for the new buyer.
  • Call us to confirm the property is in an NFC lending area and still has funds available.
  • As home sellers seek to get top dollar for their property, the $10,000 in forgivable funds can be used to address repairs.
  • The rehabilitation funds can also be used to add things like garages, paved driveways and fences.
  • These funds just might add the one thing that is missing for the buyer.

Please note: our program is intended to improve neighborhoods and increase home ownership; therefore, the borrower must occupy the property and can not own additional property within Polk County or the surrounding counties.

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